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Betterbee offers a variety of honey heaters, dehydrators, and pollen warmers for your beekeeping operation. Granulation, also known as crystallization, is a natural process that occurs when honey changes from a liquid to a solid. Many things influence granulation, including how the honey is filtered, the amount and type of pollen in the honey, the temperature at which the honey is stored, and if the honey was heated or not. Fall honey tends to granulate (or crystalize) faster than spring honey. These honey heaters and liquefiers can reverse the granulation process. A barrel or bucket blanket heater warms the entire surface of a honey barrel's wall from the outside. A warming cabinet circulates warm air around your plastic or glass honey jars, returning your honey to a liquid state within a few days. A pollen dryer circulates warm air to gently and effectively dry out your pollen. A Honey Dehydrator from Lyson can remove excess water from your honey to prevent fermentation.
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