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Honey extracting equipment is an important investment. Betterbee carries honey extractors for any sized apiary. Most of our honey extracting equipment is produced in Poland by Lyson. Extractors are available as either tangential (one side of the frame is extracted, then flipped to extract the other side) or radial (both sides of the frames are extracted at once). We've worked closely with product developers at Lyson to develop the 12 Frame Radial Extractor, available in manual or motorized versions — it's the ideal honey extractor for the beekeeping hobbyist.

Always uncap and extract your honey indoors in a clean, food-safe area using the proper tools and equipment. This activity will attract many honey bees and other insects, and robbing on a large scale may occur if you uncap outdoors. Consider these three questions to determine what type of honey extractor is right for you: 1. How many hives do you want two to three years from now? This is especially important if you're just getting started. The answer may cause you to scale up or down. 2. Have you considered sharing a honey extractor, or borrowing one? Many small scale beekeepers team up in the fall and hold extracting parties. Many hands make light work, and if you share purchasing power you could scale up!

3. Does your beekeeping operation have a bottleneck? An electric uncapping knife, stainless steel holding tank, or bottling tank may be a faster, better option than a honey extractor.

Browse through our to get an idea of the types of honey extracting equipment we carry and choose the right option for you. As always, you can call us for more information!

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