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Betterbee places a high value on educating our customers. To that end, we've created many instruction sheets on our products, as well as articles and videos to help you be a better beekeeper. They are organized in the categories below. If you don't find something you're looking for, please give us a call or email us!

Product Instructions and Resources

Information on tools, smokers, our observation hive, and bee lining.
Includes assembly instructions for Beginner Kits, and explains your options when creating a custom kit.
Betterbee's tips on candle-making and information about our other candle-making products!
Information on comb honey production including Ross Rounds, Hogg Halfcomb, and the Juniper Hill Split method.
Instructions on how to make creamed honey.
Instructions on our Observation Hive and other educational products. 
Instructions on our various feeders, ingredient lists of what’s in our bee feed plus our favorite BeeMax hivetop feeder.
This section includes resources on extractors and other harvesting and processing equipment.
Instructions on frames, pollen collection, hardware, nuc boxes, BeeMax, and Lyson hive equipment among others!
Betterbee’s information on our custom printed labels.
Includes information specific to our line of Lyson honey processing equipment. 
Instructions on installing packages, nucs, and our queen rearing equipment. Also includes swarm catch information and tips on preparing overwintered nucleus colonies.
Electric fence information and how to monitor for varroa mites using the 24-hour drop or sugar shake method.
Sizing and clothing care options.
Directions on our Lip Balm Kit and other skincare products. 

Helpful Beekeeping Resources

Youths interested in beekeeping should apply! This award grants a complete set of woodenware for a hive, a beginning course in beekeeping along with a textbook, beekeeping gear, and mentorship by a SABA member for one year. The annual deadline is October 5th. Learn more and apply on the SABA website.
Check out the data from our "scale hive" right outside our showroom, including tracked temperature and humidity models.
Videos covering various beekeeping subjects including how to use some of our products. 
An alphabetical listing of beekeeping terminology.
Visit these links to external sources like the USDA Bee Research Labs, NY Bee Wellness, and more for additional information.
Read articles with seasonal tips and tricks from newsletters of the past.
Planting instructions on seeds and other products.
Got bees somewhere you don't want them? Find a professional in your area who will catch the swarm or cut it out of wherever it's living and re-home it.
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