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Betterbee carries a variety of pollen traps and cleaners to use in beekeeping. Pollen contains the male cell that flowering plants need for fertilization and seed formation. When a worker bee lands on a flower, pollen—and sometimes nectar—collects on their legs and bodies. The bees carry the pollen back to the hive, where it is stored as a food source. Using traps, beekeepers can collect some of the pollen straight from the hive.

Benefits of Pollen Collection for Beekeepers

Pollen contains proteins bees need to raise brood. Use a trap to collect a supply of pollen when the flowers are in bloom, and then feed it back to the bees in times of dearth or to boost brood production. Bee pollen is also a popular superfood for people, and fetches a premium price at the farmers’ market. It’s high in enzymes and protein, making it a mainstay in health food stores. Bee pollen can be added to a smoothie, sprinkled over oatmeal, or eaten straight for optimal health benefits. A pollen cleaner will remove dust, fine particles, and debris before sale or consumption. Pollen comes from many plants, so the contents of bee pollen can vary significantly depending on the region where it was collected.
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