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When it comes to choosing the best bee hive foundation, look at the differences between beeswax and plastic hive foundations to decide.

Beeswax foundation is the traditional option for bee hives and comes with or without crimped wire. We recommend using wedge frames with beeswax foundation. See our Quick Guide to Installing Wax Foundation and our Wooden Frame Assembly and Wax Foundation Installation Guide for set-up information.

Plastic foundation is easy to install and stronger than our beeswax foundation. It works well in wood frames with a grooved top bar. Use a black plastic foundation in the brood chamber to see eggs clearly, and use a white foundation in the honey supers. These frames come pre-sprayed with a thin layer of wax, but we find that plastic foundation is more readily drawn out in the bee hive when we paint on an additional layer.

For more information, read through our step-by-step instructions detailing how to add wax to frames.

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