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Support your bees throughout the seasons with our selection of top-rated supplemental feeds! Whether it's stimulating spring brood production or providing emergency winter sustenance, we have the perfect bee feed solution for your hive.  

Click for more information on Bee Feed and Pollen Bee pollen, pollen substitute, and pollen patties are fed if spring is chilly and the natural pollen flows are delayed or interrupted, while Winter Patties are an excellent emergency bee feed for colonies in late winter. Browse our complete selection of bee supplemental feeds and find the perfect solution to keep your hive healthy and thriving all year long. We carry a variety of supplemental feed products, including:
  • Sugar Syrup: The go-to bee feed for most beekeepers. Easy to mix and digest, it provides essential carbohydrates for energy and honey production.
  • Fondant: A thick, sugar-based patty ideal for colder months. Fondant provides long-lasting energy reserves bees can access easily.
  • MegaBee: A versatile pollen substitute packed with protein and essential nutrients. Use MegaBee dry or mixed with syrup to create a bee-friendly feeding patty.
  • Pollen: Nature's perfect bee food, pollen is rich in protein and ideal for stimulating brood rearing in early spring.
  • Global Patties: Convenient pre-made patties formulated with a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Simply place them on top of the brood chamber for easy bee access.
  • Honey-B-Healthy: An essential oil preparation that, when added to sugar syrup, boosts the bee's immune system and helps prevent mold in the feeders.
  • Winter Patties: A lifesaver for feeding bees in late winter! These low-protein patties provide the energy bees need to survive cold snaps without stimulating unnecessary brood rearing.
Learn more about how to choose supplemental feed for bees and when to feed your bees.

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