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Betterbee offers a lovely selection of yellow and white candlemaking beeswax, colored beeswax sheets, and Bayberry wax for blending. Our cleaned yellow beeswax has been heated and filtered. It varies in color from a light yellow to orange-yellow due to many variables, including nectar source, age of the wax, and how heavily trod upon by tiny bee feet. Use cleaned yellow beeswax when you desire a natural color for your candlemaking projects. We offer yellow beeswax in blocks, pastilles, and small bars. White beeswax is pure, unbleached, and pressure filtered. It boasts a beautiful ivory color and a sweet beeswax scent. Use white beeswax when you desire a light color for your finished product or if you want to add colored wax. Our white beeswax does not contain bleach or residue. Find white beeswax in blocks and pastilles. Colored wax sheets add beautiful, vibrant hues to your taper or pillar candles. If beeswax candles are considered the Mercedes-Benz of candles, one can say that Bayberry candles are the Rolls-Royce. They’re made by adding Bayberry wax to your beeswax. We recommend experimenting with different blends, but for taper candles, we prefer a 50/50 blend. Bayberry candles are especially popular during the holiday season. Beeswax has been a prized substance for thousands of years and is used in products ranging from candles and cosmetics to lubricants and hand creams. It takes approximately eight pounds of nectar for a honey bee colony to produce one pound of wax — and one pound of wax makes roughly six 12-inch taper candles. Both beeswax and Bayberry candles add a wonderful, distinctive scent and a warm glow to any room. Find the highest-quality beeswax, Bayberry wax, and colored wax sheets for candle making at Betterbee.
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