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Find the perfect setup for your honey bees with our comprehensive selection of 8 Frame Wooden Hive Kits ideal for beginners and experienced beekeepers alike.  

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We offer a variety of wooden hive kits to suit your needs. Beginner Kits include essential tools, smoker, veil, gloves, and even a beekeeping book! Upgrade to an Essentials Kit for brood nest equipment, or an Increase Kit to expand your existing hive. After a year or two of creating (or "drawing out") honey comb, it's time to add your 8 frame supering kit: A strong hive might need four medium supers going forward. Most of our wooden hive kits feature pre-drilled parts and clear instructions for a smooth build. Or, choose a pre-assembled option!

Why choose an 8 frame hive? The 8 frame configuration is a manageable size that's easier to handle for new beekeepers while providing ample space for growing colonies. Plus, it's lighter! A full 8 frame medium super weighs up to 10 pounds less than its 10 frame counterpart. Some beekeepers believe 8 frame hives promote better winter survival for colonies as the taller design allows the bee cluster to move more easily through honey stores for warmth. Browse our 8 Frame Wooden Hive Kits and discover the perfect starter package to suit your beekeeping journey!

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